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How to Teach Your Dog to Stay in the House

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When potty training your dog, one of the most crucial things to remember is that accidents will happen. Don’t count on his being flawless right away! It sometimes takes many months to effectively housetrain pups and adult dogs. Pad/paper training and crate training are the two primary housetraining techniques.

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How to Use Pads for Potty Training

If you choose to pad or paper train your dog, you will be teaching him to urinate inside on a surface covered with newspaper or potty pads. You may gradually reduce the space by removing pieces of the pads or newspaper after your puppy has learned the concept of just using the covered area for urination. After this procedure is over, you’ll need to train your puppy to go potty outside.

When using the pad/paper training approach, people usually do so since they are aware that the puppy won’t have access to the outdoors as often as he will need to relieve himself. Although some dog owners report success with this approach, your dog may find it puzzling. It is exceedingly hard to break a puppy’s habit of urinating inside once he has been used to it.

The Crate Train Method

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For dogs that understand that their box is a comfortable and secure space, crate training is an excellent option. Your dog will love having his own area; after all, for hundreds of years, dogs have sought out little caves that feel safe. He will be eager to go out of his box and relieve himself elsewhere since dogs dislike urinating in their sleeping quarters. When you are unable to watch him closely, this strategy works well as well.

Select the Appropriate Crate

A crate that is too tiny will be too unpleasant and constricting, while one that is too spacious may allow your dog to “go” in one corner and rest in another without destroying his sleeping space. Ascertain that the crate is well aired and large enough for your dog to lay down, stand, and turn around.

Adhere to a Schedule

To properly teach your puppy to go outside on a timetable, you must first establish a regular plan for bringing him outdoors. This will help your dog understand that going outside has a set time limit. These excursions outdoors must to comprise:

  • first thing in the morning
  • Following playtime
  • Following a nap After a meal
  • Just before going to sleep

Give him some playtime after you’ve brought him outdoors before putting him back in the crate. Between walks outdoors, pay careful attention to your puppy and take him outside if you see any signs that he is going to relieve himself.

Whichever approach you decide on, stick to it. Success in housetraining requires a lot of patience and perseverance!


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