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10 Dog Breeds With Long Lives

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Dogs typically live eight to fifteen years, although some survive well into their late teens. Bluey, an Australian Cattle Dog, holds the record for being the oldest dog ever recorded at 29 years, 6 months, and 12 days (June 7, 1910 − November 14, 1939). Of those twenty years, he worked as a cow herder. More recently, Butch, a Beagle, lived for 28 years until dying in 2003. Other canines on the Guinness World Records list include a Bichon Frise, a Jack Russell Terrier, a Chihuahua, a Schnoodle, mixed breeds, a handful of Dachshunds, and one dog that is inexplicably categorized as a “stray.” Put differently, a single dog of almost any breed may be fortunate enough to live for over thirty years. Think modest, nevertheless, if we’re talking about averages. Larger dogs often outlive smaller ones, and the genuinely enormous canines, such as Newfoundlands and Great Danes, have the lowest lifespans.

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These 10 options are your best chances for enduring friendships.

1: Beagle, aged 15–17

The very endearing and amiable Beagle makes an excellent family companion. The Beagle is ideal if you’re prepared to put up with a boisterous, willfully disobedient Snoopy and you have a sense of humor. Because beagles put on weight quickly, avoid giving them additional nibbles and give him the activity he so desperately needs.

2: 11–13-year-old Boston Terrier

This loving city inhabitant is a genuine show-off, in addition to being adorable and fashionable. His primary lifetime health troubles are related to breathing and vision issues.

3: A Chihuahua (aged 17–20)

Chihuahuas are little, ancient dogs with a nice disposition and few significant hereditary diseases; nonetheless, they need to be kept warm throughout the winter. These canines are bold and intelligent, but they are also very sensitive and need a quiet space.

4: Dachshund (aged 12 to 15)

The finest way to characterize this breed was by American comic H. L. Mencken, who said, “A Dachshund is a dog-and-a-half long and half dog high.” He made no mention of the fact that at least three of the dogs are courageous. This smart, ferociously devoted, bold dog has several coat varieties. Preventing your Dachsie from jumping on and off furniture is vital since around 25% of them may develop severe back issues.

5: Lhasa Apso (aged 15–20)

The sovereign The Tibetan monasteries created the Lhasa Apso dog breed as a guard dog. Amazingly robust and devoted to a single individual, they detest outsiders and will not put up with unkind kids. They will, however, return the favor to a devoted owner with persistent, albeit slightly patronizing, devotion.

6: Maltese (aged 12 to 15)

It’s hard to imagine the sleek, charming Maltese was once a ferocious rat hunter. Right now, everyone should be admiring this fun snuggler as he is happiest when he is curled up on your lap and taking little walks around the block.

7: Small Schnauzer (14–15 years old)

This resilient, perceptive family dog loves children and plans to continue being active well into his old years. He’s usually quite polite. For optimal results, expert brushing of his rough terrier coat is required.

8.Pomeranian (ages 14–16)

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The very vivacious and lively canine was a great favorite of Queen Victoria. The Pomeranian is one of the brightest and most demanding toy dogs; they are playful and constantly happy. The Pom usually only bonds with one individual.

9: Shih Tzu, aged 15 to 20

The amiable, mischievous Shih Tzu was intended to be the emperor’s companion and has perhaps the finest personality of all toy dogs. It dates back to the Ming Dynasty. Professional grooming is essential due to the high care nature of their long, thick coat.

10. (16–20 years old)

All poodles have a long lifespan, but the active Toy Poodle reigns supreme. They have a wicked sense of humor, little shedding, and are very trainable.

Not yet seeing your breed? We could have easily included these more dogs who defy age: Collie, Australian Shepherd, Shetland Sheepdog, Jack Russell Terrier, Coton de Tulear, Pug,

Yorkshire Terrier and Manchester Terrier toys. Furthermore, any of these “mixed up” breeds might provide a more robust and updated genetic pool. Thus, don’t pass on that endearing, unique mixed breed!


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