Let’s Find Out: Why Are Black Cats Called Voids

Black cats are affectionately called “voids” by some pet enthusiasts due to their solid black fur that seems to absorb light like a black hole. This term has gained popularity in online pet communities.

Black cats have fascinated humans for centuries, often embodying a mystique associated with superstitions and folklore. Their sleek, dark coats can appear to swallow light, a characteristic that playfully earned them the nickname ‘voids’ among cat lovers on the internet.

This pet term endearingly captures their unique charm and the whimsical idea that they are feline-shaped gaps in the fabric of space. The allure of black cats is undeniable, combining an air of mystery with undeniable elegance, making them a captivating topic for pet owners and animal enthusiasts alike. Sharing photos and stories about these so-called voids speaks to the enduring human interest in these intriguing animals and their standout appearance.

Origins Of Superstitions

Delve into the curious world of superstitions, and discover how black cats came to be known as ‘voids.’ Often shrouded in mystique, these sleek felines embody the spirit of superstitions that have evolved over centuries. Unravel the ancient beliefs, witchy associations, and varied cultural symbolism that contributed to the enigmatic reputation of black cats.

Ancient Beliefs

Historically, black cats enjoy a mixed bag of beliefs. In ancient Egypt, cats were venerated and considered protectors. A deity named Bastet, depicted as a lioness or a woman with a cat’s head, symbolized home, fertility, and childbirth. Killing a cat in Egypt was a grave offense.

Associations With Witches

Darker times painted black cats as ominous. During the Middle Ages, superstitions grew. In this period, black cats became tethered to witchcraft. A common belief was that witches could transform into black cats. These cats were then seen as familiars, or supernatural entities that assisted witches in their magical practices.

Symbolism In Different Cultures

Across the globe, cultures have attached diverse meanings to black cats. In Japanese good luck charms, they often forecast good fortune. Contrastingly, Western narratives sometimes cast them as harbingers of bad luck. Here, we peek at how various societies view these enigmatic creatures:

Black Cats In History

The story of black cats winds through the ages. In some cultures, they bring luck. In others, fear. Let’s explore the role of black cats in history. Their story includes gods, magic, and mystery.

Egyptian Reverence

In ancient Egypt, black cats were divine. They represented Bastet, the cat goddess. She was a symbol of protection and fertility. Egyptians held them in the highest regard.

  • Killing a cat was a grave crime.
  • Families mourned their passing like a human relative.
  • Cats often featured in art and sculpture.
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Medieval Europe And Witchcraft

The middle ages cast a dark shadow on black cats. They were seen as companions of witches. A black cat at one’s door could mean a witch was near. These cats faced harsh persecution.

This fear spread so wide and deep that, during Halloween, black cats became iconic. Yet, they also symbolized good luck in parts of England.

Folklore Around The World

Black cats weave through many nations’ tales. They are magical creatures in stories far and wide.

In many places, crossing paths with a black cat still sparks conversations about luck and superstition.

Black Cats As Guardians

Welcome to the enchanting realm of black cats, often referred to as ‘voids’ due to their mysterious allure and deep, dark fur that seems to absorb light. These enigmatic felines have long stood as silent sentinels throughout history, embodying protection and mystique. Let’s unravel the reasons why these sleek creatures are viewed as guardians in various cultures and traditions.

Mythology And Folklore

In ancient cultures, black cats were symbols of gods and protectors of sacred secrets. For instance, Egyptians revered the black cat, believing it held divine energy. The Norse goddess Freyja, associated with love and fertility, rode a chariot drawn by mystical black cats. As guardians, these cats were entrusted with divine powers to shield homes and harvests.

Cultural Interpretations

Different societies perceive black cats through various lenses. In Scotland, a black cat’s arrival at a new home signals prosperity. Japanese folklore praises black cats for warding off evil spirits. Across the pond, some believe encountering a black cat can bring different forms of luck, both good and bad. Yet through these stories, one element remains constant – black cats stand as guardians against unseen forces.

Black Cats As Familiars

In the Middle Ages, black cats often found themselves paired with witches, regarded as ‘familiars’ or companions that aided in their magical endeavors. This partnership painted black cats as mystical guardians of the occult world. Their role as familiars is deeply etched in folklore, strengthening the belief that black cats possess protective qualities and special connections to the supernatural realm.

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Why Are Black Cats Called Voids

Curiosity often swirls around black cats and the shroud of enigma they carry. The term ‘void’ adds to this intrigue, painting them as mysterious as a night without stars. Let’s delve into why black cats have earned the nickname ‘voids’ and how this connects to the cosmos, culture, and the cloak of mystery they wear.

Black Cats And The Night Sky

The deep, dark fur of black cats resembles the vast night sky. Like a canvas free from light, their sleek coats invite a comparison to endless space—where stars and planets hide during the day. This similarity has earned black cats the affectionate term ‘voids’, highlighting their unique presence in our lives.

Mystery And Mystique

Black cats carry an air of mystery. Throughout history, various cultures have surrounded these feline friends with superstitions. Some say they bring luck, while others fear them. This unknown and seemingly supernatural quality heightens their ‘void-like’ persona, as they seem to hold secrets in their silent gaze.

Representation In Popular Culture

  • Black cats often feature as witches’ companions in stories.
  • In animations, they’re shown as mischievous yet endearing characters.
  • Superhero lore includes figures like Catwoman, adding to the prestige.

From spooky Halloween decorations to iconic comic book heroes, black cats have woven their ‘void’ essence into the fabric of popular culture, reinforcing their enigmatic image and enchanting charm the world over.

Debunking Superstitions

Welcome to the section where myths fade and clarity shines: Debunking Superstitions. Black cats often suffer from a bad reputation, especially from old wives’ tales painting them as harbingers of bad luck. Let’s unveil the truth and cast away the shadows around these feline friends affectionately known as “voids”.

Science Behind Cat Coloration

What sets the striking black fur of these cats apart? It’s all down to genetics. Melanin, the pigment that colors skin and hair, paints cats’ coats too. Cats with high concentrations of melanin become cloaked in glossy black. This not only looks sleek but offers stellar camouflage in the dark.

Positive Associations With Black Cats

  • In Japan, black cats symbolize prosperity.
  • Maritime tales tell of these cats bringing sailors good fortune.
  • Some cultures hail them as guardians against evil spirits.

Celebrate these charming qualities and see black cats for the good luck charms many believe them to be!

Challenging Stereotypes

We must look past the myths. Many black cats remain in shelters because of outdated beliefs. By adopting one, you not only gain a loving pet but also challenge unfair stereotypes. Let’s fill our hearts, not with baseless fears, but with love for all cats regardless of their coat color.

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Frequently Asked Questions Of Why Are Black Cats Called Voids

What Are Black Cats Referred To As Voids?

Black cats are often humorously called “voids” due to their solid black fur. This name is a playful reference to the perceived depthlessness and darkness of their coats, which can seem to swallow light like a void or black hole.

Can Owning A Black Cat Bring Bad Luck?

Owning a black cat does not bring bad luck. This is a superstition without any scientific basis. In many cultures, black cats are actually considered symbols of good luck and prosperity.

Why Do Black Cats Have A Special Day?

Black cats have a special day, National Black Cat Day, to promote their adoption. It helps dispel myths and highlights the higher rates at which they are overlooked in shelters compared to other colored cats.

Is The Term ‘void’ Offensive To Black Cats?

The term “void” is not offensive to black cats. It’s a term of endearment used by cat enthusiasts in a lighthearted and affectionate way. It speaks to their unique, enchanting appearance, not their personality.


Embracing the mystery and allure of black cats, we’ve uncovered the quirky term “voids. ” It reflects their unique charm and deep cultural roots. As feline lovers or curious readers, let’s appreciate these captivating creatures and the fascinating stories behind their names.

Remember, each cat is a universe to explore.

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