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The Top 10 Extra Large Dog Breeds

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You could be looking for a huge dog breed to fit your lifestyle if you want to live large! Large dogs are full of energy, love, and gentle compassion, even if they will need more room (and food!). Big dog breeds are excellent companions for families since they are often very tolerant with kids.

1. Newfoundland

Land of Newfoundland

Beyond just being polite and kind, Newfoundlanders are a force for good. While not very athletic, this water rescue breed loves going for swims and hiking in the cooler months. People are very dear to Newfoundlands, especially children, who they will always watch out for.

Although this breed has no character flaws, it does have several disadvantages, such as shedding, drooling, and a poor tolerance for heat.

Fun Fact: According to, Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie modeled Nana on his own Newfoundland, Luath.

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2. Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog

Upon being treated with kindness and consistency, the amiable Bernese Mountain Dog will shower you with adoration! Males of this energetic dog breed often weigh much more than females. They are another huge breed that is intolerant of heat and humidity and thrives in cold areas.

The Bernese Mountain Dog sweats a lot and has a thick undercoat, much like the enormous Newfoundland and other double-coated dog breeds.

Fun Fact: According to Daily Paws, the eager-to-please Bernese Mountain Dog can pull up to 1,000 pounds, which is ten times its own weight.

3: Bulldog


Mastiffs from the past were built to wow, and they still do! Mastiffs are devoted to their family and, in keeping with their guard dog history, are reticent with outsiders. When it comes to keeping family youngsters safe, these strong and devoted canines will cheerfully put up with their many foolish antics.

Mastiffs are quite simple to groom apart from being heavy shedders and droolers.

Fun Fact: Wag! claims that mastiffs traveled to the New World on the Mayflower.

4: A Great Dane

Superior Dane

It is common knowledge that Great Danes are kind, gentle giants. Their primary purpose was to pursue deer, but due to their dependable nature, they were also excellent as estate security dogs. For their size, Great Danes need remarkably little exercise, even if they have a busy past.

Great Danes need a lot of socialization as puppies and do well in social situations. Even though they don’t shed much, they still need some maintenance.

Fun Fact: The Los Angeles Times reports that Scooby-Doo was created by animator Iawo Takamoto to resemble a large, ungainly Great Dane.

Saint Bernard is number five.

Bernard the Saint

The charitable Saint Bernard is one of the greatest big dog breeds, and it really lives up to its saintly moniker. These gentle canines are slow, patient, and very receptive to instruction. They like playing in the snow with kids and are well-known for their rescue efforts.

Saint Bernards may be quite active puppies, and they slobber, drool, and shed. But these sweet canines become well-mannered as they become older.

Fun Fact: According to The Daily Beast, a picture from the 1820s is the inspiration for the common depiction of Saint Bernards with little barrels around their necks.

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6: Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

Surprisingly calm and sweet-tempered, these canines were originally designed to hunt wolves. Irish Wolfhounds are calm inside and make good obedience trainees, even though they love to go about and stretch their long legs.

Irish Wolfhounds don’t need a lot of maintenance. They do shed, but not in the same seasonal patterns as other breeds of dogs with double coats.

Fun Fact: According to the Irish Post, an Irish Wolfhound is the tallest dog breed in the world and may reach a height of seven feet on its hind legs.

irish wolfhound 85578 640

7. The Great Pyrenees

Superior Pyrenees

The Great Pyreneese is an excellent, loving guardian that takes their responsibility extremely seriously. You may rely on this dog if you need protection for anything, even your home and your Chihuahua. Great Pyrenees prefer to save their energy for guarding the house rather than engaging in much play.

These dogs sweat a lot, yet they don’t need much maintenance because of their thick coats.

Fun Fact: The Great Pyrenees Club of America states that this breed derives its name from the Pyrenees Mountain region in southwest Europe.

8: Malamute from Alaska

Malamutes from Alaska

The Alaskan Malamute is very amiable with humans. However, in order to reduce hostility against other dogs, the extroverted Malamute often need training from knowledgeable pet owners. This noble breed requires a lot of exercise as well. They make excellent sled dogs since they love the snow and the cold.

Malamutes tend to shed a lot. The robust, working-dog attitude of the Alaskan Malamute might make them challenging for certain people, but they can also make for very rewarding companions.

Fun Fact: According to Woof POST, Alaskan Malamutes are often utilized to represent wolves in films and television shows.

9: Leonberger


The athletic Leonberger breed takes pleasure in trekking, pulling sports, and swimming sports, among other outdoor dog activities. They are excellent watchdogs in addition to being amiable toward humans! This clever breed’s disadvantage is that they often do not get along with other dogs of the same gender. Leonbergers are a huge dog breed that also favors cooler climates.

The Leonberger breed needs more grooming time because to its thick hair and large stature, which also results in significant shedding.

Fun Fact: The breed’s creator, Heinrich Essig, served as Leonberg, Germany’s town counselor. According to AKC, legend has it that he desired a dog for the town’s emblem that looked like a lion.

10: Bordeaux Dogue

Bordeaux Dogue

The Dogue de Bordeaux, despite the misconception held by many that it is a lapdog breed, is a robust, independent dog that requires an experienced and strong owner. They are peaceful inside and need very little activity. The majority are kind yet fiercely protective of their family!

This kind of dog sheds all year long and slobbers and snores. Their adorable facial creases also need to be cleaned often.

Fun Fact: Turner & Hooch (1989) stars Tom Hanks and a Dogue de Bordeaux, according to Bow Wow Meow.


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