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The Top 10 Couch-Surfing Victories

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Not everyone needs or want a running companion. A handful of us are searching for our ideal dog, a dog that will watch a few marathon episodes of Friends with preference or at least contentment. This article’s featured breeds are masters of the intricate and sophisticated game of couchsurfing. If you persist, a few of them are adaptable enough to go on lengthy walks with you.

Remember that all breeds of pups are energetic and need ways to release their energy. Consider adopting a dependent adult dog of your preferred breed or mix if you want to bypass this period. By the way, dogs sleep longer than people do. I hope that gives you some consolation.

1. Bulldog

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The ultimate couch potato is the Bulldog. Despite his fantastic snores and gas production, he is not well-suited for anything requiring much effort due to his bandy legs and pushed-in snout. His role is to observe the production quality of whatever you’re viewing while sitting next to you. It would take too much work not to have the Bulldog get along with every member of the family. Classic movie repeats are my favorite TV genre.

2: Greyhound

It’s odd, but true that the quickest dog in the world is also among the laziest. The best thing about the Greyhound is that he’s willing to go for a jog with you, but he can also go alone if that’s what you’d want. For most individuals, this fortunate blend of “let’s just hang around the house today” and being eager to run is ideal. We also don’t feel like going for daily runs. I love watching horse racing on TV.

3: The Basset Dog

There’s no breed that says “relax” like the Basset Hound. However, younger, fitter members of the breed can walk for great distances, but they take their time and sniff at everything they come across. The Basset has a long and proud hunting tradition. Every time they get to go home and eat supper, they are happy. TV dinners are my favorite TV genre.

4: Mastiff

This elegant guard dog breed was bred to keep watch, and it does it well, even if most people these days watch television. Bullmastiffs don’t need a lot of physical activity to be healthy, but they do need a lot of interaction to grow into their full potential. You may watch TV in peace knowing that your family and you are protected with the Bullmastiff, who will defend you at all costs. My favorite kind of television is criminal drama.

5: Chow Chow

The Chow Chow dislikes strenuous training both physically and emotionally. Despite his seemingly athletic appearance, this breed’s stiff pace makes him completely inappropriate for a haphazard block run. Nonetheless, compared to the longhaired kind, the smooth-coated Chow Chow is a little more athletic (and amiable). This breed has a lot of shedding. News is my favorite TV genre.

6: French Bulldog

The Frenchie’s specialty is sleeping, and this endearingly adorable canine makes the most of it. The French Bulldog, like his cousin the Bulldog, has an alarming frequency of snoring and breaking wind, but his interesting expression and pleasant nature make up for it. Though the Frenchie is such a well-mannered dog that you probably won’t mind, they may be obstinate. Top TV programs: the meteorological station.

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7: Great Dane

Luckily for you, Danes are quite lethargic; otherwise, you could never keep up with one. Don’t attempt to stuff him into a studio apartment, however; he does need a good bit of living room to spread out his legs. Not to quell any violent impulses, but rather because they are naturally introverted, they too need a lot of socializing. SF is my favorite genre on TV.

8: The Shih Tzu

With all that hair, it’s obvious that this gorgeous Shih Tzu wasn’t supposed to go exploring the woods; he was designed to be a lapdog. Running about the home may provide this breed’s most energetic individuals with almost all the exercise they need. Makeover programs are my favorite kind of TV.

9: A Bichon Frise

His name literally translates to “lapdog,” which sums him up well. It is a good thing that this breed may be kept inside if desired, since cleaning muck off a white-coated dog can be difficult at best. Reality television is my favorite type of TV.

10: Chinese

The Pekingese is a dog with a lot of attitude and hair. The Peke is totally self-sufficient and doesn’t care about the weather—whether it’s rainy, hot, windy, or further than a block. He is content to chat sourly with the cat about the condition of the world’s problems from home. TV show genre of choice: political dramas.


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