The Best 59 Ideas Star Wars Cat Names

Embark on an intergalactic adventure with the best 59 Star Wars cat names, perfect for any feline fan of the epic saga. These names capture the essence of the iconic characters and the vast Star Wars universe.

As a galaxy of storytelling and a beloved pop-culture phenomenon, Star Wars has influenced fans for generations. Its rich tapestry of characters, planets, and lore offers a treasure trove of inspiration for naming your mysterious and adventurous feline companion. Whether your cat exhibits the wisdom of Yoda, the curiosity of an Ewok, or the sleek agility of a Jedi, there’s a Star Wars name to match every personality and type of cat.

So, grant your pet a name that reflects a touch of space opera grandeur while forging a special bond between your favorite movie series and your furry friend. Explore our list to choose a name that resonates with the force of your cat’s character.

Famous Star Wars Characters As Cat Names

Fans of Star Wars and feline friends, unite! Choosing a name for your whiskered companion can be a stellar experience. Picture your cat dodging toy starships with the grace of a Jedi or stealthily sneaking up on their toy mouse prey like a seasoned bounty hunter. With inspiration drawn from the epic space saga, we present to you cat names that resonate with the Force. Let’s explore iconic Star Wars characters that make purr-fect cat names!

Luke Skywalker

Is your cat the hero of your household? Name them after the legendary Jedi, Luke Skywalker. Observe as your little Luke patrols the galaxy, a.k.a. your home, showcasing bravery and adventuring skills. This name suits cats that embody leadership and courage.

Princess Leia

For the cat that rules with a velvet paw, consider the noble Princess Leia. A cat named Leia may have a regal demeanor and a strong-minded personality. Just like the Princess herself, they might command attention in every room they enter. Leia is ideal for cats that display poise and determination.


Chewbacca, the mighty Wookiee, makes a fantastic name for a furry feline friend. If your cat has a heart of gold and a roar that commands the room, this name is a match. Chewbacca, or ‘Chewie’ for short, is especially suitable for cats with long, luxurious coats or a strong protective instinct.

Revel in the delightful company of a Chewie lookalike! Imagine the fun conversations with fellow Star Wars enthusiasts about your pet’s unique name.

Popular Star Wars Planets And Places As Cat Names

Welcome to the galactic world of Star Wars-inspired cat names! Picking the perfect name for your feline friend is a thrilling task for any fan. Star Wars planets and places encapsulate a vast universe of memorable locations. Let’s make your cat a part of this epic saga by choosing a name from these iconic locales.


Naming your cat Tatooine brings to mind the desert landscape and dual sunsets of the home planet of Luke Skywalker. Possible names include:

  • Sunny – For the golden furballs that light up your life.
  • Dusty – A fit for those with sand-colored coats.
  • Luke or Leia – For a pair of siblings ruling your household like royalty.


Coruscant, the city-covered planet, symbolizes power and endless possibility. Consider these names for your cat:

  • Empress or Emperor – For cats with a dignified demeanor.
  • Urban – For the sleek, street-wise feline.
  • Jedi – If your pet shows wisdom and courage.


For the cats that love to climb and explore, Endor, the forested moon, is a perfect muse. Cats named after this lush world exudes an adventurous spirit. Here are some Endor-inspired names:

  • Wicket – After the brave Ewok warrior.
  • Greenie – A nod to Endor’s verdant forests.
  • Scout – For the cat always on a mission.
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Iconic Star Wars Vehicles As Cat Names

Cats are as adventurous as starships from a galaxy far, far away. Consider naming your feline friend after an iconic Star Wars vehicle! They’re perfect for nimble paws and daring personalities.

Millennium Falcon

Naming your cat Millennium Falcon captures the spirit of the legendary ship. This name suits a cat with impressive speed and charm.


X-wing, sleek and agile, fits a cat with quick reflexes. This name brings to mind heroism and agility, great for an energetic kitty.

Tie Fighter

The name TIE Fighter is ideal for a cat with a bold, adventurous streak. It embodies precision and the thrill of a chase.

Other starship names to consider:

  • Star Destroyer – For the imposing, powerful cat.
  • Slave I – Perfect for a cat with a mysterious side.
  • Death Star – For a feline who rules the household.

Villains And Creatures From Star Wars As Cat Names

Choosing the perfect name for a new furry friend is an epic quest. Star Wars fans rejoice, as the galaxy far, far away offers some of the most menacing and memorable villains and creatures perfect for cat naming. Embrace the dark side or channel the mystique of alien species with these Star Wars-inspired monikers.

Darth Vader

For a cat with a commanding presence and perhaps a penchant for the dramatic, Darth Vader is an iconic choice. Just picture your feline friend striding through the hallways with the confidence of a Sith Lord.

  • Darth: For short, adds a touch of villainous flair.
  • Vader: Suits a cat with a deep purr or commanding meow.

Boba Fett

Does your cat have a knack for escaping or hiding? Boba Fett, the infamous bounty hunter, might be the fitting inspiration. This name is great for the elusive and adventurous cat.

BobaCasual and playful touch.
FettIdeal for a silent and cunning hunter.


A cat wise beyond its years with a mischievous side may embody the spirit of Yoda. The beloved Jedi Master’s name suits a kitty with a blend of wisdom and playfulness.

  1. A short and impactful two-syllable name.
  2. Reflects intelligence and curiosity in a feline.
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Star Wars Droids As Cat Names

Every Star Wars fan knows the iconic droids that have rolled, beeped, and talked their way into our hearts. What better way to honor these mechanical heroes than by naming our feline friends after them?

Droids are known for their unique personalities and loyal companionship, just like your pet cat. Let’s explore some stellar cat names inspired by the trusty droids of the Star Wars universe.


This spunky droid has been a central figure in the Star Wars saga. Just like R2-D2, cats are curious, smart, and full of surprises. Naming your cat R2-D2 could be perfect for a mischievous kitty who’s always on a mission.


C-3PO, with his golden sheen and fluent in over six million forms of communication, could be an elegant name for a talkative or regal-looking cat. Imagine your cat, with its shiny coat, being the C-3PO of your household!


The adorable BB-8 stole the show in the newer Star Wars films. A cat named BB-8 would suit a playful, energetic, and round feline, always scampering around like this lovable droid.

Star Wars Movies And Series Inspired Cat Names

Summon the Force, feline lovers! It’s not just Jedi and Sith who reign in the vast Star Wars universe—your cat can part of this epic saga too. Immerse your furry companion in the adventure with names inspired by the iconic movies and series. Bold choices await, whether your whiskered friend bears the wisdom of Yoda or the mischief of an Ewok. Peek into the galaxy of Star Wars Movies and Series Inspired Cat Names and choose a moniker that resonates with your pet’s unique personality and your fandom!

The Mandalorian

Step into the gritty world of bounty hunters and enigmatic warriors. Reflect your cat’s fearless nature with names from The Mandalorian. Capture the essence of distant planets and high-stakes missions in your pet’s name. Here are some bounty-full choices:

  • Mando – For the sleek and silent hunter
  • Grogu – A nod to the beloved tiny force-user
  • Cara – Ideal for a feline with a warrior’s heart
  • Kuiil – For wisdom beyond years
  • IG-11 – Perfect for a precise and calculated cat

The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens rekindled the love for the galaxy far, far away. Celebrate your cat’s lively spirit with these inspired names:

  • Rey – For the independent and adventurous
  • Finn – Suits a cat with a brave heart
  • Poe – For the quick and agile flier
  • BB-8 – A round, roly-poly playful buddy
  • Kylo – Lends a bit of dark side mystery

A New Hope

The one that started it all, A New Hope birthed legends. Let your cat embody the classic heroism or infamous notoriety with these names:

  • Luke – For the one destined for greatness
  • Leia – Suits a feline with regal grace
  • Han – Ideal for the rogue with charm
  • Chewie – For your loyal and furry sidekick
  • Vader – Embrace a commanding presence

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Unique And Creative Star Wars Cat Names

Are you a Star Wars fan with a new feline friend? Picking the perfect name can be a galactic quest. Your pet deserves a name as unique as they are. Our galaxy of Star Wars cat names offers the inspiration any fan needs. From Jedi masters to the dark side, we’ve covered all the bases for a name your cat—and fellow Star Wars enthusiasts—will love.


Jedi represent peace and justice in the galaxy. Does your cat have a calm and wise nature? Consider these Jedi-inspired names for serenity and strength.

  • Kit Fisto – For cats with an adventurous spirit.
  • Ahsoka – Perfect for a feisty and independent kitten.
  • Plo Koon – A name for those cats with a mysterious aura.


If your cat has a mischievous or bold side, they might align with the Sith. These names embody power and ambition.

  • Darth Maul – For cats with a striking appearance.
  • Ventress – Suits a sleek and cunning hunter.
  • Sidious – A name for those with a commanding presence.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Cats Called In Star Wars?

Cats in Star Wars are known as “Tooks” or “Tuk’atas. ” These creatures hail from the planet Dxun.

What Is The Name Of Ahsoka’s Cat?

Ahsoka Tano, a character from the Star Wars universe, does not have a cat. She is known for her association with Jedi and the Force, not pets.

What Is The Rarest Cat Name?

Determining the rarest cat name is challenging, as popularity varies by region and over time. Unique names may emerge annually, making one definitive answer elusive.

What Is The Number 1 Best Cat Name?

The number 1 best cat name fluctuates yearly, but currently, “Luna” tops many popular charts. It’s short, easy to remember, and has a pleasant sound.


Embarking on the quest for a purr-fect Star Wars cat name can be quite the adventure. This list of 59 ideas offers a galaxy of choices for your feline Padawan or Sith Lord. Whether inspired by heroic Jedi or iconic starships, your pet’s new moniker awaits.

May the Force be with you and your furry companion on this naming journey!

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