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Ten Sensible Dog Breeds

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There are many different types of intelligence, but when it comes to the smartest dog breeds, there are only some! Dog intelligence is often linked to trainability, or the capacity to comprehend and reliably obey directions. There are also more types of intelligence, such social intelligence, which is the capacity to get along with people and play well with other canines in a pack. Another is cunning, which is the capacity of a dog to accomplish their goals before their pet parent realizes what’s happening. All dogs are bright, but certain dog breeds are more brilliant than others in several ways.

1: A Golden Retriever

tongue-out golden retriever

We’re giving the Golden Retriever the prize even though the Border Collie appears on practically every ranking of the brightest dog breeds. These furry pals can get along with people, other dogs, and even the family cat because to the breed’s excellent trainability and innate social intelligence. Goldens are calm, steady, and affable to the whole family because of the way they utilize their brains. The fact that Goldens consistently outperform all other breeds in obedience training is not by coincidence.

2: Poodle

Dog on the lawn

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The Poodle is brimming with intelligence. This canine breed is smart enough to climb fences, open doors, and do your middle schooler’s schoolwork. (Well, that last statement may be a stretch.) While the Toy, Miniature, and Standard breeds are all very intelligent, the Standard is the best. Standard Poodles are excellent at many things, from agility competitions to trotting off to win at Westminster.

3: Sheepdog from Shetland

Shetland sheepdogs navigating a circuit of obstacles

In terms of advanced obedience, agility, and interactive dog activities, the little Shetland Sheepdog excels. These canines are among the smartest dog breeds and have a kind, sensitive nature that allows them to be very receptive to their pet parents.

4: Canine

tongue-out border collie

Border Collies are among the most intellectual canines when it comes to pure reasoning, problem-solving skills, and intelligence. They have an extraordinary capacity for understanding complicated instructions and can pick up the names of hundreds or even thousands of things. The only negative aspect of them is that they have a herding tendency that is aroused when children or other pets are around. This breed may not be for you unless you are certain that you are smarter than a Border Collie.

5: German Shepherd

German Shepard showing off his tongue

In addition to being among the smartest canines, German Shepherds are also workaholics that like taking on challenging tasks. This is the quintessential all-around dog, adept at everything from guarding the blind to herding ducks. German Shepherds are highly trainable dogs that are capable of almost everything.

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6: Retriever, Labrador

a happy Labrador retriever

The Labrador Retriever is similar to the Golden but more silly. The most popular dog breed in America has a heart big enough for everyone and an intellect to match, whether you’re searching for a buddy for hunting or a dog for obedience training!

7: Cattle Dog, Australian

dandelion-ridden Australian cattle dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is a breed that is very intelligent and vigilant. The dingo, a native dog of Australia, served as the model for the initial breed standard for this dog breed, and the Cattle Dog is intelligent, sly, and quick-witted like the dingo. Despite being among the brightest dog breeds, they have a strong sense of territoriality and are not very gregarious.

8. Doberman Pinscher

Pinscher Doberman in the woods

Dobermans are intelligent, simple to teach, and completely devoted to their family. Be tough while directing members of this very clever dog breed, since they may quickly trick their pet owners.

9. Papillon

Papillon in the grass

The Papillon is a compact, glossy product that combines intelligence and beauty. Papillon puppies are among the smartest dog breeds; many pet owners believe their dogs have the ability to read minds because of how attentive these pups are to their partners. In addition to being keen observers of their surroundings, papillons’ intelligence and endurance combine to make them the best agility dogs of their size.

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10: Canine

Rottweiler on the lawn

The serious, unwavering Rottweiler is a security dog as well as a herding dog, integrating many intelligences into one fantastic package. Rottweilers have an impressive size and even more impressive intelligence, making up for their lack of agility compared to many of the other bright canines on our list.


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