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Ten Fantastic Ways Dog Moms Express Their Love

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There is no love quite like a mother’s for her offspring, and our four-legged children are no exception! It doesn’t take long for your own fur baby to become a cherished part of the family.

There are many different ways to show our pets how much we care, from keeping them healthy to celebrating their birthdays. You’re a fantastic dog parent if even one of these ten traits resonates with you!

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1: You photograph your dog many times.

You have hundreds, if not thousands, of dog photos on your phone since you snap them so often. Your pet may be sleeping in the form of a doughnut, sporting a new sweater, exposing their newborn teeth, or just looking gorgeous in the natural light—you name it—but you have an eye for catching those picture-perfect moments.

To spread the word about how adorable your dog is, you publish pictures of him on social media every day with hashtags like #TongueOutTuesday, #WoofWoofWednesday, #FurBabies, #Blep, and #Dogstagram. Of course, the photo on your Facebook page features your dog. After all, with the wind in their hair, your dog looks so photogenic!

2: You depart from social events early in order to get home to your dog.

Dog parents aren’t afraid to leave parties early if their dog needs food, drink, and playtime because they’ve left him home alone for too long. You arrange for a friend to visit your dog if you work long hours or are gone for the day, and you always make sure to provide a selection of chew toys accessible to keep them amused!

No matter how busy you are, making time for cuddles with your furry friend should always be on your to-do list. There are times when you have to change your plans and stay home with your dog. What would be your perfect Friday night? lounging on the sofa and watching TV in excess with one another!

3: Your dog goes by many monikers.

Even though you love your dog’s given name, you also love other affectionate words that you may call your dog, such “nugget,” “baby,” “bubbie,” “mushy face,” or whatever phrase you can think of at the time. Your dog is so adorable that it comes easily to speak their names in a high-pitched baby voice, even if you’re not sure why!

Your dog will always reply to your call with kisses and a wag of the tail, regardless of what cute moniker you give them.

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4: Grooming your dog should be just as important as grooming yourself

Initially, controlling shedding was the main focus of dog grooming. You now have a strong desire to make your pet feel and look their best. To maintain the health of their skin and coat, you have a variety of brushes and combs, and you’re skilled at getting rid of mats and tangles.

When it’s time for a bath, you transform your space into a spa. You choose the best shampoos and conditioners to make your dog look and feel their best, and you cuddle them with a warm washcloth. Every time your dog gets out of the shower, they look amazing!

dog washing #5: You wear dog hair as a fashion item with pride
Being a dog parent is certain to include finding hair all over the home. You accept it rather than spending endless hours trying to get loose fur off of furniture and carpets! Dog hair gives your clothes personality, makes you think about your furry friend, and makes you smile.

As they say, don’t worry about dog hair!

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6: Your dog’s grin never fades

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It is just as normal to clean your dog’s teeth as it is to brush your own. Your medical cabinet is stocked with dog toothbrushes, toothpastes, and oral gels, and your pantry is full with dental chew goodies. Your dog’s grin is always the greatest when their teeth are clean and their breath is fresh!

You’ll feel like an at-home veterinarian with preventive dental care. You examine your dog’s mouth often to ensure that their gums and teeth are in good condition. Your perseverance has kept tartar and plaque under check.

7: You may sometimes feel as if your dog eats better than you do.

If some mornings you find yourself rushing from the house with a granola bar, consider yourself fortunate; nonetheless, your dog’s dish is always filled with delectable food at exactly 8:15 am. You take care to choose foods for your closest buddy that are appropriate for their age, way of life, and dietary restrictions. You pay close attention to the components in their food and treats and carefully check the nutrition labels on every dog food.

It’s all about moderation—astute dog parents are pros at striking a balance between incentives and delicious treats and a smart diet that prioritizes their dogs’ wellbeing!

8—brown and white—is the “dog-mobile” and is your automobile.

The security of your pet is your first responsibility. For this reason, your automobile has seat barriers, harnesses, and car seats designed especially for dogs. Once your dog is safely restrained, you should slightly roll down the window to allow them to breathe in some fresh air. You want everyone on the road to see your amazing dog, whether you’re driving cross-country or to the neighborhood dog park.

Since your dog travels with you almost everywhere, it seems sense to flaunt your puppy pride. You may even have a few dog bumper stickers as a way to express your affection!

9: Without your dog, holiday customs are incomplete

Every holiday celebration involves your dog in a significant way. You include your dog in customs all year long, from decorating their furry head with reindeer antlers for Christmas to dressing them up in a cute hot dog costume for Halloween.

When it comes to customs, one of the most memorable days of the year is your fur baby’s birthday. You’re not just capable of organizing a dog birthday party—you’re an expert at it! You may create some gorgeous pawsome embellishments and bake a dog cake like it’s no big deal. Most importantly, you never fail to locate the cutest headgear for your party animal!

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10: Your only hope is the dog monitor

You really care about keeping your dog safe, particularly when you’re not around. When a friend or relative is unable to come, you place a monitor near your pet’s preferred location so you can watch over them while you’re gone.

You may see your dog many times a day and take in their sweetness whenever you need a little cheering up, all thanks to your handy dog cam. You’re not alone if you’ve found yourself referring to your phone screen as a “good dog” on several occasions!

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Being a dog parent entails loving dogs and providing them with devoted care. You do everything for your dog, from providing them with the healthiest food to posting cute pictures of them on social media. Your pet is fortunate to have you as their mother!


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