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How to Make Your Home Dog-Proof

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You should take some environmental measures before bringing your new puppy home to help shield him from any harm. Puppies may easily find themselves into trouble because of their natural curiosity. To keep your puppy safe and puppy-proof your house, follow these 8 steps:

1: Be Level With Your Dog

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Getting a dog’s perspective on the area by crawling about on all fours is one of the simplest methods to figure out what has to be changed. In particular, search for anything that a puppy may chew on or tangle with, as well as tight spots that he might fit through to reduce the chance of an accident.

2: Keep electrical cords covered.

Puppies who are curious may discover that a lamp or the area behind your TV are interesting toys and decide to play with the rubber cable. Dogs use their jaws to investigate everything, so electrical wires pose a serious risk. When you’re not there to monitor, you may keep them off bounds by purchasing cord protectors or blocking them off with large furniture.

3: The Block Stairs Utilizing a Gate

Because falling down stairs may result in catastrophic injuries, ensure sure any entrances leading to stairways are locked. You should also install a pet gate to block off any additional steps.

4: Keep Food for Humans Out of Reach

Canines rapidly ascertain the location of all the treats kept in storage. Foods that humans consume, particularly those that are known to be toxic to dogs, including his dog food, should be safely hidden to prevent accidents, overindulgence, and dangerous consumption while you aren’t there to watch.

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5: All trash cans should be kept behind closed doors.

The same applies here: dogs are able to detect almost everything, but particularly spoiled food and trash. Ignore messes and possibly harmful consumption entirely by preventing access to the trash can or investing in a pet-proof one.

6: Make Sure All Prescriptions Are Stored Safely

Ensure that all supplements, including those for dogs and humans, are safely stored and out of reach.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Close at Hand
Keep pet cleaning materials on hand at all times to expedite the housetraining process and promptly clean up any further puppy messes; just be sure to keep them out of your puppy’s reach.

8: Secure Your Backyard

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When it’s feasible, always fence your yard, ensuring sure there are no weak points or tiny openings where your dog may escape. Keep dogs away from plants that are toxic to them, and keep your yard free of potentially deadly mushrooms. Pools should be fenced off, and while the pool is open, make sure your dog understands how to get in and out securely. Steer clear of toxic pesticides and fertilizers, and keep garbage and garage supplies out of your dog’s reach. Always provide lots of shade and water.

After spending some time with your dog, you will get familiar with his unique habits (some dogs like to chew, some like to dig, etc.) and be able to adjust your house as necessary.


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