What Choice Should Make? Best 3 Two Story Cat Condo (2024)

The best three two-story cat condos are the Bedsure Comfy Pet, the Pequlti, and the Bewishome. These condos offer comfort, durability, and enjoyable play features for felines.

Welcoming a two-story cat condo into your home gives your feline friend their own cozy retreat and playground. Cat owners understand that cats love vertical space, which makes these multi-level structures ideal for climbing, scratching, and lounging. A top-quality cat condo combines stability with features that cater to a cat’s natural instincts, such as hideaways for snoozing and posts for scratching.

The BEWISHOME provides a balanced mix of these elements, with plush fabric for comfort. Meanwhile, the PEQULTI introduces more complexity with hanging toys and multiple perches. For those who favor style as well as function, the Bedsure Comfy Pet offers a modern design that fits seamlessly into home decor while still offering the stimulation and leisure space cats crave. Selecting from these top contenders ensures that your pet receives a haven that is both engaging and safe.

Best 3 Two Story Cat Condo (2024)

Cat lovers know the joy of having a happy feline. The year 2024 brings exciting two-story cat condos that blend style with comfort. Perfect hideouts for play and relaxation, these condos will surely delight any indoor cat. Let’s explore the top three that stand out.

Bedsure Comfy Pet: 2-level House For Indoor Cats

This Bedsure Cat Condo offers a luxurious retreat for cats. With soft cushions and private space, it’s a cat’s dream.


  1. Dual-Level Delight: Bedsure Comfy Pet takes cat comfort to new heights with its ingenious two-level design. Cats can now revel in the luxury of choice, whether they prefer the elevated perch for a regal view or the plush hideaway for a secluded nap.
  2. Plush Paradise: Crafted with ultra-soft and breathable materials, this cat house ensures your furry friend experiences the epitome of comfort. The plush interior provides a warm and inviting space, inviting your cat to snuggle in and unwind.
  3. Space-Saving Elegance: Designed with the modern home in mind, this 2-level cat house boasts a compact footprint without compromising on style. The neutral tones and chic aesthetics seamlessly integrate into your home decor, making it a delightful addition to any room.
  4. Easy Access & Clean: Featuring spacious openings and an easily accessible second level, Bedsure Comfy Pet makes it effortless for your cat to come and go. Plus, the removable cushions and machine-washable cover simplify the cleaning process, ensuring a fresh and inviting space for your pet.

Pequlti: Tower For Indoor Cats With Private Cozy Condo

The PEQULTI Cat Tower is a mix of fun and comfort. It’s built with quality for long-lasting b fun.


  1. Private Cozy Condo: The highlight of the Pequlti Tower is its exclusive private condo nestled at the top. Cats love their personal space, and this cozy retreat provides a secure and tranquil haven for relaxation, observation, or a catnap in peace.
  2. Multi-Level Exploration: With multiple platforms and levels, Pequlti offers a vertical playground for your cat’s curiosity. The variety of heights and perches allow your feline companion to indulge in climbing, jumping, and surveying its surroundings from different vantage points.
  3. Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts: Say goodbye to scratched furniture! The Pequlti Tower features sisal-covered scratching posts, providing a designated and satisfying surface for your cat to sharpen its claws. This not only promotes healthy scratching behavior but also ensures the longevity of your furniture.
  4. Sturdy Construction: Built with stability in mind, the Pequlti Tower is crafted from high-quality materials, offering a robust and durable structure. Your cat can engage in playful activities without compromising the tower’s stability, providing both safety and entertainment.

Bewishome: Cat Tree Condo With Sisal Scratching Posts

Introducing the BEWISHOME Two-Story Cat Condo – a feline haven that redefines the world of cat furniture! Crafted with a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, this cat condo stands out as the ultimate retreat for your furry friend.


  1. Dual-Level Paradise: Your cat’s dreams come true with a two-story design, providing ample space for exploration, climbing, and lounging. The multi-level structure ensures your cat has various vantage points to survey its kingdom.
  2. Premium Quality Materials: Constructed with high-quality, durable materials, the BEWISHOME cat condo is built to withstand the playful antics of even the most energetic cats. The plush covering and sisal scratching posts offer a luxurious touch while catering to your cat’s natural instincts.
  3. Stylish Design: Elevate your home decor with this chic cat condo. The modern design seamlessly integrates with your living space, making it a stylish addition that both you and your cat will appreciate.
  4. Interactive Features: The condo is equipped with engaging elements such as hanging toys and cozy hideaways. These features encourage play, mental stimulation, and relaxation, ensuring your cat stays entertained and content.

Design And Features

Exploring the design and features of two-story cat condos reveals a world of feline luxury. The best condos ooze appeal while providing secure and fun environments. Cats love to explore, rest, and play in their very own dwelling space—especially one that rises vertically, catering to their instinct to climb and perch. With close attention to design details and multiple features, these condos stand as castles for your furry friends.

Sturdy Construction

The very foundation of a great two-story cat condo is its sturdiness. It must withstand vigorous play and provide a stable base for safety. Top picks feature high-quality materials like solid wood or dense cardboard. They include reinforced posts wrapped with natural sisal rope. This construction not only holds up over time but supports your cat’s need to scratch and climb without wobbling.

Multi-level Platforms

Height is a cat’s best friend, and a two-story cat condo with multi-level platforms is sure to delight. These levels give cats the opportunity to leap, lounge, and observe from various heights. Each level features plush padding and ample space. Such condos often incorporate hideaways on one level and open lounging areas on the other. Cats move easily between levels, thanks to thoughtfully placed ramps or stepping areas.

Comfort And Entertainment

Just like us, cats need a space that offers the ultimate blend of comfort and fun. That’s where two-story cat condos come into play. Let’s explore the best options that guarantee your kitty stays cozy and entertained.

Story Cat Condo photo 2

Cozy Hideaways

The perfect cat condo offers snug spaces for cats to relax. Top picks feature soft, plush materials and multiple levels. This means your furry friend can enjoy a peaceful nap up high or down low, feeling safe and secure.

  • Insulated sleeping areas keep your cat warm.
  • Condos with raised edges offer headrests and comfort.
  • Multi-cat homes benefit from separate hideaways.

Toys And Scratching Posts

Entertainment is key in a two-story condo. Built-in toys ensure your cat is always engaged. Think about options with dangling toys and balls on tracks.

Scratching posts are a must. They allow for daily claw workouts, protecting your furniture in the process. Look for condos with sisal-covered posts.

Space And Placement

Finding the perfect home for your feline friends is essential. An exciting element of cat ownership is the selection of a two-story cat condo. It’s not just about the comfort and fun it provides, but also the space and placement within your home. Both factors are significant for the condo’s accessibility and your cat’s enjoyment.

Fitting In Small Spaces

When it comes to small living areas, choosing a compact two-story cat condo is a must. It should maximize vertical space without sprawling horizontally. Here are the best 3 options:

  • BEWISHOME – Sleek, with a 16″ x 16″ base, perfect for tight corners.
  • Bedsure – Incorporates stackable sections for customizable height.
  • PEQULTI – Features a lean design with a minimal footprint.

These condos fit snugly in small apartments or rooms, offering levels of entertainment within a compact structure.

Placement Considerations

The right spot can make all the difference for your cat’s two-story condo. Consider these points:

Ensure the condo’s location offers safety and stimulation for a happier, healthier pet.

Material And Durability

When choosing a two-story cat condo, the material and durability are top priorities. Cats love to scratch, climb, and lounge. To handle this, a cat condo must be sturdy and long-lasting. Let’s dive into the specifics of what makes the best cat condos stand the test of time.

High-quality Fabric

High-quality fabric matters. Your furry friend should feel cozy. The best cat condos use plush, soft fabrics. These fabrics make cats happy and secure. But, they’re not just comfy. They also need to be tough. Look for ones that can withstand lots of cat naps.

Durable Sisal Rope

Sisal rope is a cat’s best friend. It’s perfect for scratching. A great two-story cat condo uses thick, durable sisal rope on scratching posts. This keeps your cat away from furniture. Plus, it lasts for years. You won’t be replacing the condo anytime soon.

  • Structure: Cat condos must have a solid frame.
  • Connectors: Look for strong screws and brackets.
  • Fabrics and ropes: They should resist wear and tear.

The right materials extend your cat condo’s life. Ensure you choose one that’s built to last. Your cat will thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Defines A Two-story Cat Condo?

A two-story cat condo is a multi-level play and rest area for cats. It typically includes features such as perches, hiding spots, and scratching posts. These structures cater to a cat’s instinct to climb and observe their environment from various heights.

Why Choose A Two-story Cat Condo?

Two-story cat condos offer vertical space for play and relaxation, vital for your feline’s physical and mental well-being. They provide opportunities for exercise, scratching, and private resting spots, which help reduce stress and keep cats entertained.

Are Two-story Cat Condos Sturdy?

Quality two-story cat condos are designed with sturdy construction to ensure stability. They often have reinforced bases and well-anchored platforms to safely support a cat’s weight and energetic play. Always check the product’s weight capacity and materials before purchasing.

Can Two-story Cat Condos Save Space?

A two-story cat condo is space-efficient, combining multiple functions within a single unit. Its vertical design utilizes height instead of floor space, making it an excellent choice for smaller living spaces where floor real estate is precious.


Finding the perfect two-story cat condo doesn’t have to be a challenge. We’ve explored the top contenders, each offering cozy spaces and perching opportunities for your feline friend. Remember, comfort and sturdiness are key for a happy, climbing kitty. Elevate your pet’s living space by choosing the best fit from our top three selections.

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