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Are You All Set to Get a Dog?

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When many individuals picture themselves with a dog in their life, they often think of wet puppy licks, exciting retrieve games, and lovely Instagram shots. These benefits are undoubtedly some of the finest things about owning a dog, but be careful not to allow them make you ignore the drawbacks as well. Puppy accidents, long training sessions, and additional costs for everything from premium pet food to preventative medical care are all part of owning a dog.

Then, how can you determine if you’re ready for a dog? Decide whether you’re prepared to accept the worst aspects of the work before you start.

The Worst That Can Happen

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Cleaning up a urine-stained carpet might, let’s face it, make you feel more like a dog’s servant than his owner. Additionally, be ready for your dog to periodically throw his biscuits. Vomit isn’t a regular occurrence when you own a pet, but it will happen occasionally—usually in the middle of the night when you’re not wearing your slippers.

Next, see your dog biting into your most beloved pair of shoes. To be honest, did you feel a little queasy simply by reading that sentence? Even while the majority of dogs can be educated to refrain from chewing on their owners’ valuables, it is certain that your pet will ruin at least one of your priceless items. Is your attention still on those adorable puppy kisses? You’re probably prepared to move on to the other factors if you can.

Money and Time

To properly care for your dog, you don’t necessarily need to work from home, but you do need to be present enough to do all the necessary chores. These consist of just spending time with your pet and providing him with food and exercise. Dogs are very gregarious pets. Doggy daycare is a helpful resource for many owners, but if your pet will spend more time with the daycare providers than you, you may want to hold off on getting a dog until you have more free time.

You also need to give dog care expenses some thought while creating your budget. Buying a lot of supplies is another expense associated with being a dog owner. Following your first visit to the pet supply shop, you could think about investing in the business. A long-haired dog will also need many appointments to the groomer if you choose to have one and you lack the time or expertise to properly groom him.

The Positive Update

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It’s likely that you are prepared to buy a dog if you have continued reading this far without being convinced otherwise. The good news is that you’re in for a lot of fulfilling encounters. You are about to have an even greater impact on the life of an animal than on your own, whether you choose to buy a puppy or adopt an older dog. Give yourself enough time to decide what’s best for the two of you.

You may not be ready to take on a small pup, but you could be ready for an older dog that has beyond its teething stage and is completely housebroken. It’s okay to not have enough time or patience; all you need to do is be honest about how things are going so you can look back on those puppy kisses and not feel guilty.

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