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American Dog Breeds: The Top 10

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The American Kennel Club (AKC) has recognized the Labrador Retriever as the most popular dog breed in the US for thirty years running.

The top dog breeds from previous years’ rankings are still there, but the most recent list saw two significant changes: the French Bulldog moved up to the number-two slot from the German Shepherd, and the fun-loving Dachshund replaced the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the top 10.

The AKC has announced their most current list of the top 10 dog breeds, which is shown below. Did the one you wanted make the cut?

1. Labrador Retriever

labrador 8554882 640

For the thirty-first time in a row, the Lab is the top breed. Furthermore, why not? A popular in American homes, this breed is clever, gregarious, and energetic. Their gentle nature and want to please make them excellent search and rescue and guiding dogs.

Fun Fact: According to Mental Floss, the Led Zeppelin song “Black Dog” was named after a lab that was discovered stumbling about the band’s recording studio.

2. French Bulldog

French bulldog

The joyful, smiling face of the French Bulldog is all you need to look at to see why this breed has become so popular in recent years! French Bulldogs are excellent apartment dogs because of their varied personalities; sometimes they want to run and play, and other times they simply want to lounge about and be adored. This is not a breed to be left alone for extended periods of time as they need human interaction and care to flourish.

Fun Fact: Interestingly, England is where the French Bulldog first appeared.

3: German Shepherd

shepherd dog 4357790 640

German Shepherd
The German Shepherd is a clever and industrious canine companion. This breed requires a lot of mental and physical stimulation to operate at its best, and it appreciates taking part in dog outdoor activities. It seems sense that German Shepherds are often taught to support law enforcement, the military, and other service groups, given their steady and brave disposition.

Fun Fact: According to the Los Angeles Times, there are only three dogs on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and two of them are German Shepherds named Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart.

4: Goldendoodle Goldendoodles

The traditional Golden Retriever, ah! Another wonderful family companion with an amazing temperament is the Golden Retriever, a very athletic and highly trainable dog breed. Families with little children would benefit greatly from them since they like playing and running about. Due to their exceptional work ethic, Goldens make great guiding dogs, search and rescue dogs, and hunting partners.

Fun Fact: According to TIME, a picture of a Golden Retriever was the first photograph ever submitted on Instagram.

Five: Bulldog, bulldog
The Bulldog is very affectionate and has a wrinkled face. Comparatively speaking to the other most popular dog breeds on our list, they are really quiet and make wonderful friends. Bulldogs are adaptable and gentle dogs who don’t need a lot of exercise; instead, they like to spend much of their time at home relaxing with their pet parents.

Fun Fact: The AKC states that the Marine Corps used the Bulldog as their mascot after World War I.

6. Poodle

It’s common knowledge that poodles participate in dog shows often. Though their graceful forms are always noticeable, their personalities are as endearing. Puppy socialization may help this breed develop fairly confident even if they might be reticent at times. They’re intelligent, amiable, quick to learn, and a lot of fun to be around. In addition, poodles are available in three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy, and they are well-suited to a variety of lifestyles.

    7: Beagle, Beagle

    A smooth-coated dog breed that is tranquil and happy, the Beagle is conveniently proportioned and has short, low-maintenance coats. They do need exercise, so having a fenced-in yard is perfect for them. These hounds are a curious hunting breed that like to explore and use their noses a lot.

    8. Rottweiler dogs

    Because of their size and strength, Rottweilers are sometimes misinterpreted. They are, nonetheless, among the smartest dog breeds; they are also very trainable and diligent. Though their powerful appearance and wide chests are distinctive, Rottweilers are even more loving and loyal friends.

    Fun Fact: According to Rottweiler Hub, Rottweilers almost went extinct in the 19th century when railroads replaced this breed’s function of herding livestock to markets.

    9: Pointer German Shorthaired

    Shorthaired Pointer Germanic

    The German Shorthaired Pointer is an energetic breed that loves the outdoors and requires a lot of activity, making it one of the finest active dogs for busy families. They are regarded as masters of all crafts when it comes to competitive dog sports. German Shorthaired Pointers are amiable, loving, and people-pleasers with a distinctive look that often includes spots or “ticking.”

    Interesting fact: The liver-colored spots on all German Shorthaired Pointers are born white. According to Hound Games, as they become older, their coat may fill in with different hues of liver ticking or they may become a solid liver color.

    10: A Dachshund Doodle

    Dachshunds are energetic dogs with long bodies, short legs, and brash personalities that are now included among the top 10 dog breeds in the United States for the first time! Warmly called wiener dogs, this humorously formed, gregarious breed is curious about everything and enjoys leisurely strolls. In training, dachshunds may be easily distracted by their strong sense of scent, so it’s important to be patient, persistent, and provide positive reinforcement.

    Fun Fact: According to Culture Trip, a German immigrant is said to have served the first hot dogs, known as “dachshund sausages,” from a food cart in New York in the 1860s.

    America’s Most Adored Animal Companions

    You will be pleased to learn that millions of homes and hearts in the United States are home to a diverse range of dogs, regardless of whether your favorite dog made the list of the top 10 dog breeds or is a rising star. There’s always next year since the most popular dog breeds are changed every year!


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