35 Things Your Cat Loves

Cats love cozy spaces and interactive playtime. They cherish routine and gentle petting from their favorite humans.

Understanding the intricate world of your feline friend is critical in fostering a loving environment that caters to their needs and desires. Cats, often perceived as independent and self-sufficient, actually harbor a list of specific things they adore. They thrive in familiar surroundings where comfort and safety are guaranteed.

Cats Love Sunbathing

Cats adore the warmth of the sun. It’s common to find them lounging in sunny spots. Not only does it feel good, but sunbathing is a natural behavior for many felines.

Cats Love Sunbathing photo

Sun-warmed Spots

Cats seek out cozy sunbeams to soak up the heat. These spots are like personal oasis for your pet. Kitties often jump to windowsills, lay on the patio, or even curl up on your car hood if it’s sat in the sun. Here’s an interesting fact: the sun’s rays help cats synthesize Vitamin D, much like it does for humans.

  • Window perches are a cat’s best friend for indoor sunbathing.
  • Garden patches that catch the sun attract outdoor-loving cats.
  • Even a simple blanket in a sunny spot can be a perfect sunbathing location.

Sunbathing is something every cat owner can facilitate. Make sure your pet has access to safe, warm spots. Keep an eye on outdoor cats to ensure they don’t overheat. Indoor cats appreciate a comfortable spot near the window.

Cats Love Special Treats

Just like humans, cats enjoy a good treat now and then. These special snacks can even strengthen your bond. Let’s explore the treats that make your feline friend purr with pleasure.

Cats Love Special Treats photo

Tuna Bits

Tuna offers a burst of protein that cats crave. It’s a tasty treat that’s sure to get their attention. Here are some tips for serving tuna bits:

  • Go for small portions to maintain a balanced diet.
  • Choose tuna in water, not oil, to keep it healthy.
  • Avoid added salt or spices that might harm your cat.


Catnip sparks a unique response in many cats, triggering a state of bliss. While not all cats are sensitive, those that are will show great enthusiasm:

  • Fresh catnip is potent, giving a stronger response.
  • Dry catnip works well in toys or sprinkled on their bed.
  • Use catnip sparingly to keep its effect special.

Cat Grass

Cat grass aids digestion and helps prevent hairballs. It’s a safe treat that appeals to your cat’s love of greens. Here’s why cat grass is a hit:

  1. It provides essential nutrients like folic acid.
  2. Cat grass encourages play and nibbling, supporting health.
  3. It’s easy to grow at home for a constant fresh supply.

Grooming Rituals

Cats cherish their grooming rituals. They keep themselves clean and take great pleasure in the process. From soothing brushing sessions to delightful head scratches, these practices not only maintain their sleek coat but also strengthen the loving bond between you and your feline friend. Let’s explore how you can enhance your cat’s grooming routine and bring joy to their day.

Brushing Sessions cats photo

Brushing Sessions

Imagine a spa day, but for your cat. Regular brushing not only prevents matting but also reduces hairballs. It’s a moment of pure bliss for your furry companion. Different cats prefer different brushes. Observe your pet’s response to find the perfect match. Here’s a quick guide:

Align brushing with your cat’s mood. Choose quiet times for a relaxed session. Reward your cat with treats to create positive associations.

Head Scratches

Cats love head scratches for a good reason. This area contains scent glands they use to mark territory. By scratching their head, you’re helping them feel secure and loved. Here’s how to make head scratches a joyful experience:

  • Start with gentle strokes on the cheekbones.
  • Move in the direction of fur growth.
  • Watch for purring as a sign of enjoyment.
  • Avoid overstimulation to keep the session soothing.

Remember to pay attention to your cat’s body language.

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Cats Love Exploring

Cats possess a natural curiosity that drives them to investigate every corner of their world. This trait engages their minds, keeps them physically active, and satisfies their instinctual hunting behavior. Recognizing the items that stimulate this explorative nature can turn your home into a feline adventure park.

Cats Love Exploring photo

Boxes And Containers

Cats can’t resist the allure of an empty box. The confined space offers a sense of security and a spot to survey their domain from a safe vantage point. A simple cardboard box turns into a top-notch play area for a curious cat. They love the texture for scratching, the privacy for snoozing, and the fun of jumping in and out.

  • Fun Hideouts: Boxes serve as perfect hiding places for peek-a-boo games.
  • Warm Nooks: The insulation of a box provides a cozy retreat.
  • Texture Excitement: Scratching the cardboard satisfies their clawing instinct.

Paper Bags

The crinkly sound of a paper bag triggers a cat’s interest immediately. It’s a playground that appeals to their auditory senses, making them a perfect, low-cost toy. Cats enjoy the ambush opportunities that paper bags offer, as well as the hidey-hole aspect that allows them to feel unseen and ready to pounce.

  1. Sound Surprise: The crinkling noise mimics the sounds of small prey.
  2. Sneaky Spot: An excellent stealthy cover for playful stalking games.
  3. Chew Delight: Soft texture is ideal for gentle chewing.


A tunnel provides the ultimate exploration experience for your cat. It gives them a long path to stalk through and the opportunity for exciting chase plays with toys or other pets. The versatile nature of cat tunnels allows for multiple activities – running, hiding, or simply resting within a protected tube.

Cats Love Water

When we think of cats, we don’t often picture them lounging by a water bowl. Yet, cats have a strong affinity for clean, fresh water. It plays a key role in their health and well-being. Below, explore the different ways cats enjoy water and how to keep them happy and hydrated.

Cats Love Water photo

Fresh Water

Cats adore the taste of fresh water. They are drawn to its pure, clean flavor, much like we are. It’s essential for their kidney function and overall health. A cat will often prefer running water as it instills a sense of freshness and encourages them to drink more.

To keep your cat intrigued, consider a drinking fountain designed for pets. These fountains continuously circulate water to keep it oxygenated, fresh, and appealing to your feline friend.

  • Change water daily: Keep bacteria away and ensure taste is at its best.
  • Clean bowls regularly: Prevent dirt and soap residue.
  • Multiple bowls: Place them around the house for easy access.

Cats Love Stimulation

Cats are curious creatures with a strong desire for engagement and play. They thrive on activities that challenge their minds and bodies. Providing various forms of stimulation is crucial for their well-being. Explore the top things that bring joy and excitement to your cat’s life. Toys and Playtime

Cats Love Toys And Playtime photo

Toys And Playtime

Cats need playtime to stay active and healthy. It mimics hunting behaviors, keeping them sharp and entertained.

  • Balls with bells inside
  • Soft plush toys for pouncing
  • Wand toys that simulate prey movements

Feather Toys

Feathers trigger a cat’s instinctual attraction to birds. These toys provide a realistic hunting experience.

Interactive Feeders

Interactive feeders combine mealtime with a brain workout. They make cats work for their food, satisfying their need to hunt.

  1. Puzzle feeders
  2. Treat balls
  3. Slow feeders

Interactive Laser Pointers

Laser pointers provide endless fun as cats chase the elusive light spot. Always end sessions with a physical toy to catch. Dangling Toys

Dangling Toys

Dangling toys excite cats with their unpredictable movements. They tap into the thrill of the chase for airborne prey.

Cats Love Specific Objects

Cats exhibit strong preferences for certain objects that can both entertain them and provide comfort. Understanding these items can enhance your feline’s environment and well-being. Let’s explore what these specific objects are and why your cat might be drawn to them.

Cats Love Fish Tanks photo

Fish Tanks

Cats adore watching fish tanks. The movement within the confinements of a glass tank seems to have a mesmerizing effect on our furry friends. Not only does this activity engage their predatory instincts, but it also provides a form of entertainment that is both stimulating and calming.

  • Moving fish catch a cat’s attention.
  • They tap into their natural hunting behaviors.
  • A safe way for cats to explore their instincts.

Soft Blankets

Cats crave the coziness of soft blankets. The plush texture provides a warm and comfortable spot for napping. This love for softness is rooted in their quest for the perfect resting place that mimics the feeling of a mother’s fur.

  • Warmth and comfort are key.
  • Replicates the secure feeling of being with their mother.
  • Soft blankets can become a favorite sleeping spot.

Cats Love Specific Activities

Cats are playful, mysterious, and loving creatures. They thrive on a balance of affection, entertainment, and stability. Understanding what activities make your feline friend purr with happiness is key to a joyful life together. Let’s explore the top things that cats absolutely adore.

Cats Love Cuddling photo


Nothing beats the feeling of a warm, cozy cuddle for many cats. They seek the comfort of their human’s lap or a soft blanket. Some cats display affection openly, while others may choose their cuddling moments more discreetly. Here are reasons cats enjoy this snug activity:

  • Warmth: Cats love a toasty spot to relax.
  • Security: Being close to you makes them feel safe.
  • Bonding: It’s a way to show love and build a connection.

Hiding And Seeking

Cats have an innate desire to hide and seek. This stems from their natural instincts. They find joy in discovering new hideouts. Provide boxes or tunnels to keep them entertained. Here’s why hiding matters to them:

  1. Instinct: It’s a natural behavior for safety and stalking prey.
  2. Play: Hiding can be a fun game for curious cats.
  3. Stress Relief: It offers a private retreat when they feel overwhelmed.


Engaging in play is essential for a cat’s physical and mental health. Interactive toys, lasers, and feather wands stimulate their mind. Playtime mimics the hunting experience, keeping them agile and happy.

Hunting Games

Cats still retain their wild ancestors’ hunting instincts. They love to chase, pounce, and catch. Toys that simulate prey, like remote-controlled mice, satisfy this primal urge. Always ensure these games end with a ‘catch’ to keep their spirits high.


Cats find comfort in familiarity and routine. They appreciate a consistent schedule for feeding, playtime, and cuddling. This predictability helps them feel in control of their environment, leading to a happier, less anxious cat.

Cats Love Heights

Our feline friends enjoy a good vantage point. Cats naturally seek high spots for safety and comfort. They love to survey their domain from above and keep an eye on their environment. Understanding this can help us create a home that our cats not only inhabit but truly enjoy.

Cats Love Heights photo

High Perches

A high perch is a rewarding refuge for your furry companion. It allows them to stay away from the hustle and bustle on the ground. They feel secure and less stressed. Elevated spots foster confidence and contentment.

Cat Trees

Cat trees offer multiple benefits in a single structure. They have various levels and nooks perfect for climbing, scratching, and lounging. Cat trees integrate playtime with relaxation, providing a full spectrum of engagement.

  • Scratching posts to keep claws sharp
  • Platforms for surveying surroundings
  • Cushioned beds for naps

Window Perches

Window perches are prime real estate for any kitty. Here, your cat can bask in the sun and watch the world go by. These special spots combine the joy of elevation with outdoor entertainment, offering hours of peaceful observation.

Cats Love Sounds

Cats love sounds that stimulate their natural instincts. Their world revolves around sensory experiences. Auditory cues spark curiosity and comfort. This section explores the soundscapes your feline friends adore.

Cats Love Chirping Birds photo


Cats communicate contentment through purring. This soothing sound signals peace and safety. When you hear a soft rumble, it’s affection on display. Cats also find solace in the purr of their fellow felines. It’s like a lullaby for their ears.

Chirping Birds

Chirping birds are like music to cat ears. The high-pitched melodies ignite their hunting instincts. They may even mimic the sounds or twitch their tails. It’s a thrilling auditory game for them. Minimize stress by providing opportunities to observe birds safely.

Musical Sounds

Musical sounds often captivate cats. Think pianos or flutes with their varied tones. Some cats may prefer classical tunes, while others enjoy modern melodies. Experiment to discover your cat’s favorite genre. It could be a shared love for music in the making.

Cats Love Affection

Cats thrive on affection and show contentment in several delightful ways. Understanding their love can deepen the bond you share.

Cats Love Affection photo

Belly Rubs

Many cats cherish gentle belly rubs. Unlike other pets, a cat exposing its belly is a sign of trust. Quick tip: Watch their body language to ensure they’re enjoying the affection.

Warm Laps

Seeking a cozy spot, cats often choose the warmth of a lap. It’s their way of seeking comfort and closeness. Remember, a warm lap is a prime spot for a happy cat.

Scratching Chin And Ears

Scratches on the chin and ears often result in pure bliss for felines. These areas contain scent glands that, when stimulated, make them feel secure and loved.

Cats Love Variety

Imagine a life with the same routine day in and day out. Sounds dull, right? Well, your furry friend feels the same. Cats are curious and playful creatures that thrive with variety in play, cuddle time, and their environment. Let’s explore some beloved activities that keep whiskers twitching and tails swishing.

Cats Love String Or Ribbon photo

String Or Ribbon

Cats can’t resist the allure of a simple string or ribbon. The erratic movement mimics the unpredictable nature of prey, tapping into their hunter instincts. Twirl it, drag it, make it dance across the floor. Watch your cat pounce and prowl after this simple yet captivating toy. Ensure supervision to keep your cat safe during play.

Scented Toys

Our feline pals have a sharp sense of smell. Toys with catnip or valerian release scents that many kitties find irresistible. These scented toys can provide a burst of energy or a relaxing experience. Want a DIY twist? Place a toy in a container of catnip to infuse it with that special scent they love.


Kneading is a soothing activity that your cat enjoys. Cats knead to mark their territory with scent glands in their paws or to create a comfy resting spot. Provide a soft blanket or pillow and let your cat press away happily.


Despite loving variety, cats also crave routine. They feel secure knowing when it’s time to eat, play, or cuddle. Balancing variety within a consistent framework provides the best of both worlds. Stick to regular feeding times but switch up toys and games to keep things exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Cats Love To Play With?

Cats adore playing with a variety of toys, especially items that mimic the movement of prey, such as feather wands, light laser pointers, and crinkly balls. Providing a mix of interactive and solitary playthings keeps your feline engaged and stimulated.

How To Keep Indoor Cats Entertained?

Keeping indoor cats entertained requires providing stimulating activities, such as climbing structures, puzzle feeders, and regular playtime. Windows perches also give them a view to the outside world, which can be fascinating and enjoyable for them.

What Kind Of Cat Beds Do Cats Prefer?

Cats typically prefer beds that are comfortable, warm, and situated in quiet areas. Many cats enjoy beds with raised edges for a sense of security, or heated beds for additional warmth. Positioning beds in sunny spots can also increase their appeal.

Do Cats Like Catnip Toys?

Yes, many cats are extremely attracted to catnip and enjoy catnip-infused toys. Such toys can provide them with bouts of energetic play followed by a relaxed state. However, not all cats are affected by catnip, and some might show no interest.


Understanding your cat’s preferences enhances the special bond you share. We’ve explored 35 things they adore, from cozy nap spots to interactive play. Cater to these loves and watch your feline friend thrive in happiness. Remember, every cat is unique—celebrate what makes yours purr with contentment.

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